Book Review: Iman dan Agama

  • Arthur Aritonang Sekolah Tinggi Teologi Cipanas
Keywords: religion, faith, communism, rationalism


This book contains the results of a Christian faith building seminar entitled "Faith and Religion" held by GRII (Indonesian Evangelical Reformend Church) and at that time Dr.  Stephen Tong became the keynote speaker. The objectives of the results of this seminar are recorded: First, so that people have firm beliefs and beliefs.  Second, deepen the sense of truth in Jesus Christ.  Third, gain the power to testify for Him in society. In terms of content, the presentation of  this book is intended to respond tovarious attacks directed at the Christian faith in the modern era. The basis of the argument built by Stephen in summarizing the attack is the Bible as the highest standard and value of truth. For Stephen from time to time the Bible was able to stand firm against various attacks that wanted to weaken the Christian Faith.


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